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Last Resort: Kidney Donations For Cats

Finding out that your cat has kidney disease can be crushing. Since scientists don't yet have a way of stopping the disease, it's typically a death sentence for cats. However, there is one option that can potentially extend your cat's life for many years beyond what you could expect: kidney donations. Read on to learn more about feline kidney donations and what you should expect for your cat.

Kidney Disease is Incurable

Unfortunately, there is no cure for kidney disease. While there are methods to slowing the progression of the disease and ways to mitigate the damage that body undergoes as a result, it's not a permanent solution. For situations like these, a kidney donation is the best idea.

Cats can receive kidney donations from other cats just like humans do. While the process is a relatively new one, the surgery has been performed safely and it's an excellent way of extending the life of your cat.

The Process

Unlike humans, feline kidney donations only come from living cats, not those who have passed away. To begin the process, you'll need to have your cat seen by a veterinarian. Your vet will determine if your cat is healthy enough to undergo the donation, and if not, what steps can be taken to improve your cat's survivability.

From there, your kitty will have its blood type tested. This will allow your vet to match your kitty to a living donor. Once a donor is found, the donation process can begin.

What To Expect

Kidney donations help kitties' conditions to improve almost immediately. As soon as the new kidney is accepted by the body, it will begin filtering toxins and toxic byproducts from the blood that the sick kidney was inadequately attempting to do. As a result, your cat should begin to feel spunkier and healthier quickly.

Most kidney donation programs use cats that are in need to being adopted. As a result, you will most likely be required to adopt the donor cat into your home. This will ensure that the kitty that saved your cat's life will be granted a life-long home after its selfless act.

With a feline kidney donation, your cat can potentially live a longer, healthier life, and you'll be accepting a new bundle of joy into your home at the same time. Talk to your veterinarian if you're looking for ways to improve your cat's health. For more information, contact companies like Metzger Animal Hospital.