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Helping Your Pet To Live A Healthier Life

How happy of a life is your pet living? If you are like most people, you might assume that they are healthy and happy, when the fact of the matter is a lot can go wrong with your canine's health. I started thinking more seriously about my pet's health a few years ago after they endured a serious medical condition, and it was really great to see how much better they acted with proper veterinary care. Check out this website for awesome advice about taking care of your pets each and every day. Check out this blog for great advice on how to improve your animal's life.



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3 Important Things For First-Time Pet Owners To Know

Are you thinking about getting a puppy or a kitten? Will this be the first time that you've owned this type of pet? Owning a cat or a dog can be a great experience. Both types of pets can be great companions to you and to the rest of your family. As your pet's guardian, it'll be your responsibility to make sure that your cat or dog is able to live a life that is as happy and as healthy as possible. Some things that you'll need to do are obvious but others are less apparent. A few things you may not realize that you need to do include:

Avoid human food: Your cat or dog will probably beg for the delicious food that you and your family like to eat. Unfortunately, some of the things that you could feed your cat or dog have the potential to make him or her very sick. You probably already know that dogs can't have chocolate for this very reason but you may not realize that they also can't have chicken or turkey bones and skin. The bones can shatter into needle-sharp pieces when eaten, resulting in shards that can pierce your pet's digestive tract. Poultry skin, on the other hand, has so much fat that it can result in a condition known as pancreatitis that can kill your furry friend. Always talk to your veterinarian before introducing any new treats to your cat or dog.

Dental check-ups: Although your pet won't be able to tell you when he or she has a toothache, that doesn't mean that they will never have tooth problems. Animal dental care is an essential part of pet ownership, starting from the day that you bring him or her home. Some animals, especially small breeds of dogs, may have mouths that are too small for the teeth that grow in. As part of the animal dental care, your veterinarian may need to extract a few of these teeth in order to help preserve the future health and comfort of your pet.

Check your houseplants: If you enjoy growing houseplants, there is a good chance that one of them may be toxic to a cat or a dog. Two extremely common plants that you may have and that are toxic are tulips or aloe, but there are many more plants that could injure or kill a cat or a dog if chewed on or ingested. If you have one of these plants, you'll either have to get rid of it or ensure that there is no way that a curious pet could access the plant and cause injury to themselves.

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