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Helping Your Pet To Live A Healthier Life

How happy of a life is your pet living? If you are like most people, you might assume that they are healthy and happy, when the fact of the matter is a lot can go wrong with your canine's health. I started thinking more seriously about my pet's health a few years ago after they endured a serious medical condition, and it was really great to see how much better they acted with proper veterinary care. Check out this website for awesome advice about taking care of your pets each and every day. Check out this blog for great advice on how to improve your animal's life.



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How To Keep Your New Kitten Safe At Home

Kittens are adorable, tiny puffs of fur. They're sweet and cute, but they're also very curious. These tiny creatures as kittens can get into the smallest of spaces to get cozy, making them in quite a bit of danger in your home. They can easily get stuck or smashed if you are't careful. Keep your new kitten safe by following the tips below.

Watch Where You Walk

Kittens are so tiny, so even walking around your home can be dangerous for your new fuzzy pal. You need to watch when you are walking so you don't step on your new kitty. Kittens will walk underfoot and will sleep just about anywhere and can move quickly, so be sure to keep an eye out whenever walking in your home. Stepping on your kitten can cause major injuries to your tiny ball of fluff.

Inspect Before You Sit

Couch cushions and recliners are both great places for a kitten to sleep and hide. Before you sit down, look for your new kitten so you don't accidentally smash your new fur baby. Keep one eye on your kitten at all times so you know where he is at all times.

Keep An Eye On Other Pets

Your new kitten may not be welcomed by any other pets in your home. Keep an eye on your pets and introduce your new kitten to them slowly. Don't allow your new kitten and your other pets access to each other when you aren't home. You may want to keep your new addition in a crate and in a separate room until your pets are all getting along together. 

Watch For Dangers

Keep an eye out for dangers that your cat could ingest. Things such as yarn, hair ties, string and even some plants around your home could all be ingested and could cause harm to your kitten. Put these items away and out of your kittens reach. If you suspect your kitten has gotten into anything, be sure to take your kitten to the veterinarian or your local veterinary hospital right away. Some symptoms include lethargy, throwing up, diarrhea, or shallow breathing. If you spot any of these symptoms, get your kitten help right away.

Your new kitten can get into a lot of dangerous situations. Keep a close eye on your kitten and keep him confined to only one room or a couple of rooms when you first bring him home to cut down on these dangers and to keep your kitty safe.