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Helping Your Pet To Live A Healthier Life

How happy of a life is your pet living? If you are like most people, you might assume that they are healthy and happy, when the fact of the matter is a lot can go wrong with your canine's health. I started thinking more seriously about my pet's health a few years ago after they endured a serious medical condition, and it was really great to see how much better they acted with proper veterinary care. Check out this website for awesome advice about taking care of your pets each and every day. Check out this blog for great advice on how to improve your animal's life.



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Dogs: How Much Are Their Medical Costs?

When it comes to pets, dogs are known for being loyal companions. There are many benefits to bringing a dog into a family. Dogs need regular playtime and walks, which means more exercise for their owners as well. They can also improve mental health and reduce stress. While there are many benefits to owning a dog, there are also plenty of responsibilities involved. Dogs require medical care just like humans. Veterinarian bills may come as a shock to unprepared dog owners. Here are some of the medical costs associated with owning a dog.


When it comes to health, dog vaccinations are very important. Dogs are vaccinated for various conditions early on as puppies and then given booster shots as they age. Some needed immunizations include ones for hepatitis, distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, and even rabies. The average cost for the first round of vaccinations that are administered during the first year of a dog's life is between $20 and $150. Each year after the first year vaccinations cost on average between $10 and $100. The cost of vaccinations must be considered every year, not just in the first.


Just like it is for humans, health insurance is also available for pets. Pet insurance covers routine care and large expenses such as surgery. Most policies have a deductible that must be met before full coverage kicks in. The average cost of pet insurance for a dog is $43.14 per month. Obtaining insurance for an older dog tends to be more expensive than insuring a puppy. Other factors that can impact the cost of pet insurance for a dog include the breed, the size of the dog, and location. There are also basic plans that cover only accidents that cost less than plans that cover both accidents and illness.

Spaying And Neutering

Part of being a responsible dog owner is having your dog spayed or neutered. While some may want their dog to have a litter or two of puppies, others prefer to have their dogs spayed or neutered before this is a possibility. Failure to have a dog spayed or neutered can lead to out-of-control breeding. It costs around $200 for this procedure. Often this procedure is done when a dog is between six and nine months of age. 

Owning a dog can be expensive. There is more to plan for than just food when it comes to costs. Medical expenses in particular can add up. Vaccinations are required every year, but tend to be the most expensive in the first year of life. Insurance is another monthly cost that must be factored in to the budget. Spaying or neutering will also add a couple hundred dollars to the cost of owning a dog